Emergency Response Exercise

Emergency response exercises are designed to determine the effectiveness of a facility’s emergency response procedures, the actions of the Emergency Control Organisation and the response of the occupants to an emergency event scenario.

Exercise Duration: 30 – 60 Minutes for Emergency Control Organisation Members
Participant Numbers: All Occupants

Emergency Compliance Services will facilitate a site-specific emergency response exercise based upon the emergency events identified within your organisations emergency plan An Emergency Control Organisation Briefing, Observation Checklist and an Emergency Control Organisation Debrief will be undertaken.

This program is scenario based and will include one of the following emergency response options for the Emergency Control Organisation to decide upon based on the scenario type:

  • Full Evacuation
  • Partial or Staged Evacuation
  • Shelter in Place
  • Lockdown

Our emergency response exercise program will help to ensure effective use of any life safety systems designed to protect occupants from fire, bomb threats and other emergency events.