Plans and Consultation

Emergency Compliance Services strive to bring you the best products possible for your workplace. Thats why our Emergency Procedures Manuals & Evacuation Diagrams require a site visit.

Emergency Compliance Services will prepare an Emergency Plan including Emergency Response Procedures for your workplace.

Emergency Compliance Services will prepare Evacuation Diagrams for your facility in accordance with Australian Standards AS3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities.

Emergency Compliance Service will prepare site-specific and colour coded Emergency Procedure Flipcharts. Your flipcharts will be a summary version to your facility’s Emergency Response Procedures.

Emergency Compliance Services will undertake a review of your existing Emergency Plan, Emergency Response Procedures and Evacuation Diagrams, ensuring compliance to WHS legislation, Australian Standards any other industry specific requirements.

Emergency Compliance Services are able to undertake a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for all of your workplace emergency response (WER) training requirements.

Emergency Compliance Services will provide and Emergency Identification and Analysis Report, as identified in AS3745, for your Emergency Planning Committee to consider when determining which events require consideration as emergencies in your facility’s Emergency Plan.