Emergency Plan and Procedures

Emergency Compliance Services will prepare an Emergency Plan including Emergency Response Procedures for your workplace.

During a site visit an Emergency Identification Analysis will be undertaken to determine the emergency event types that may occur at your site as well as those emergency events that may occur off-site and impact on your facility. The analysis will be used in the preparation of the site-specific Emergency Response Procedures.

ECS develop your customised Emergency Plan in accordance with Australian Standard AS3745 and relevant Work Health and Safety legislation.

Your Emergency Plan will include the following site-specific information:

  • Emergency prevention, preparedness and mitigation strategies
  • Activities for preparing for and prevention of emergencies including training and maintenance schedule
  • Establishment of the overall control and coordination arrangements for emergency response including evacuation strategies for occupants with a disability
  • The roles and responsibilities of the emergency control organisation and occupants of the facility in preparation for, during and after an emergency

The structure of your Emergency Plan will be presented as follows:

  • A statement of the plans purpose and scope
  • Information on the structure and purpose of the emergency planning committee (EPC)
  • Identification of the facilities to which the plan applies
  • Description of the emergency features (safety, fire and security) of the facility
  • Organisational arrangements of the facility
  • The emergency identification outcomes
  • Emergency response procedures
  • The evacuation diagrams (additional quoted costs)
  • Training arrangements
  • Emergency response exercise schedule
  • The review and routine servicing of the plan
  • A statement and record of distribution of the plan including where personal emergency evacuation plans (PPEPs) for persons with a disability are held
  • Details of the hours of occupancy of the facility and the after-hours evacuation procedures
  • The validity period for the emergency plan
  • The date of issue or amendment date on each page of the emergency plan